Wee Care

Our Classrooms

Hours of operation are 6a.m.-6p.m.


Baby Birds

6 Wks – 15 Mos

Tummy time, Swinging, Interactive play, Self discovery


Big Birds

15 Mos – 2 Yrs

The Big Birds are building their nests with learning the ABC’s, counting to 10, learning the colors and animal sounds.


Tad Poles

2 – 3 Yrs

The Tadpoles are a busy bunch! We have daily projects, snacks, lunch and plenty of toys to learn with. Come visit us in our classroom and enjoy the fun!



3 – 4 Yrs

Come along and hop with us! Where learning begins and has no end.


Apple-A-Day Pre-K

4 Yrs – Kindergarten

An APPLE seeks out the three “A’s” of pre-school learning: 1) Adventure 2) Ambition 3) Accomplisment. An adventurous APPLE leads to an ambitious APPLE who is always rewarded with accomplishment!

Check Out Our Tuition Rates

We have numerous tuition plans so you can choose what’s right for your family!

  • Two's Tadpoles

  • $245week
  • Three's Hoppers

  • $235week
  • Pre-K Apples

  • $235week
  • Infants

  • $260week
  • (6 weeks to 7 months)
  • Toddlers

  • $260week
  • (7 months to 15 months)