Peppermint Pre-School


Peppermint Pre-school was started by Bernice Meyer and a friend in the fall of 1971.  Meyer, a former public-school teacher, wanted a pre-school for her young daughter to attend.   Without a pre-school in the area, she took it upon herself to start one.  Mrs. Meyer was a member of EvUCC and the church agreed to allow her to use a classroom in the south wing.  Peppermint has been housed only at EvUCC.  In March of 2005, Meyer gifted the school to EvUCC.  The school name has been since changed to EvUCC Peppermint Pre-school and classes are held in the west wing of the building.  At the present time, the school has three classrooms offering classes for three-, and four- year olds.  In 2021 Peppermint celebrated it’s 50th year in business!


The purpose and goal of Peppermint Pre-school is to provide a loving, learning environment for three and four year old children.  We strive for success socially & intellectually for each student enrolled.

Meet the Staff

Peppermint School has been fortunate to have a dedicated staff who have been with the school for several years.

Currently the staff includes:

Ms. Elaine Fenton– Director

Ms. Tara Knebel – 3’s teacher

Ms. Amanda Fuller- 4’s teacher

Ms. Karen LaFrance- AK teacher

Ms. Lisa Niggli – AK helper

Ms. Jessica Foster- 4’s helper

Ms. Angie Fields – 3’s helper on MWF

Ms. Cheryl Loyet- 3’s helper on T/TH